When Do You Need A Root Canal?

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Endodontic treatment can address concerns that develop in the interior of your tooth, whether they’re caused by infection or a damaged tooth. When you sustain an injury to a tooth or experience persistent pain in one, then you may need an endodontic treatment known as a root canal. In today’s blog, your Londonderry, NH, dentist talks about saving teeth with a root canal!

Dental Infections and Damaged Teeth

When you have a cracked or chipped tooth, or an untreated case of tooth decay, then eventually bacteria will reach the pulp, the bundle of living tissues that keeps your tooth functional. When this happens, the tooth is infected and needs treatment to avoid infection from reaching other parts of your smile, or the tooth being lost completely. When you sustain an injury to a tooth or one begins to hurt on a daily basis, please let us know right away. We will examine the tooth with digital x-rays to actually and comfortably identify the position and severity of the infection, so we can plan treatment to save the tooth and stop discomfort.

Preparing Your Smile for Treatment

If you need a root canal procedure, our team will take time to ensure the procedure is a comfortable one. In fact, most patients find it comparable to receiving a simple dental filling. We will administer a local numbing agent to the area around the tooth, so it’s numb as we conduct the root canal. If you have dental anxiety, we understand and can discuss sedation options to help you enter a calm and relaxed state, with little to no memory of the procedure afterward. We want you to enjoy a positive experience when you undergo treatment!

The Endodontic Treatment Process

The root canal begins with our team opening the tooth so we can remove the infected tissues from within. Once we remove the tissues from the interior of the tooth and from the root canals, we will clean the interior and add a unique restorative material known as gutta percha. We then cure the material and will likely cap the tooth with a dental crown. The restoration will be custom-made to ensure it not only looks natural and blends with the tooth, but also withstands daily pressures and reduces the chances of infection or decay. We can then discuss proper brushing and flossing habits and better meal and snack options to limit the risk of future cavities or infections.

If you have any questions about how our team will diagnose and treat an infected tooth with endodontic treatment, then contact our team today.

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