Modern dental technology helps us diagnose problems with your tooth’s structure and plan and perform your treatment. It helps us prepare your root canal system to remove harmful products and reseal the protective outer layer to prevent reinfection.

Our approach to endodontic therapy uses advanced imaging techniques to get a clear picture of the damage within your tooth. By staying on top of new technologies, we can prioritize your safety, comfort, and time.

Using Dental Technology In Endodontic Treatment

From the initial diagnosis of your dental injury to the complete restoration of your smile, our technology can enhance your experience and increase the odds of successful treatment.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography, or digital X-rays, can reveal problems that are out of sight during the visual portion of your dental examination. By uncovering harms such as infections and hidden decay, digital X-rays are instrumental to endodontic treatment.

CD-CBCT Digital Imaging

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) helps us create remarkably detailed three-dimensional images of your oral structures. By identifying your nerve pathways and surrounding soft tissues, we can more accurately review your oral health and make preparatory work more comfortable. CBCT digital imaging accomplishes this task with a fraction of the radiation exposure found in conventional CT medical scanning.

iTero Intraoral Scanning

Intraoral digital scanners provide digital models of your smile to help us create a variety of restorations. While restorative work is time-consuming, the iTero intraoral scanner accelerates this process by eliminating the need for physical impressions. When placing a dental crown to restore an endodontically treated tooth, this technology allows us to design a cap that returns the precise alignment of your bite.

Learn How Dental Technology Improves Your Treatment Experience At My Dentist

By employing advanced imaging tools and creating in-house restorations, we can save your tooth more promptly.  To find out more about the role technology plays in repairing your tooth, call our Londonderry, NH office today at 603-965-3407.