Root Canal Treatment

When cavities or dental injuries go untreated, they break the outer seal of your tooth’s enamel to reveal its sensitive inner portion. Over time, this can lead to problems within the pulp that cause consistent pain and swelling around the affected tooth. This may be due to your body’s inflammatory response to a bacterial infection. To preserve your tooth’s health, we could perform root canal therapy to remove the damaged pulp, clean its chamber, and seal the canal.

Our practice specializes in standard root canal therapy as well as advanced endodontic treatments to help you restore your tooth after its inner structure becomes compromised. By relying on advanced dental technology, we can provide precise diagnoses and create long-lasting restorations to repair your tooth.

Preventing The Need For Tooth Extraction

When you have a toothache due to bacterial infection, decay can contribute to other oral health problems without treatment. If enough natural material has been destroyed, it may prevent repair with a dental filling or crown, and you may need the tooth extracted to prevent damage to neighboring teeth and other oral tissues. Other causes for complications with your tooth’s structure include:

  • A dislodged dental crown
  • A filling that weakens the tooth and fails
  • A fracture that exposes the tooth’s pulp
  • A previous root canal therapy that requires retreatment

What To Expect During Your Root Canal Treatment

The use of modern anesthetics allows us to usually perform your root canal therapy with minimal discomfort in a single visit to our practice. Digital imaging helps us provide a less-invasive procedure by more effectively identifying material that requires removal. This means you can recover from your infection, traumatic injury, or damaged roots more rapidly.

While we maintain state-of-the-art technology, our dentists’ wealth of experience ensures that you receive the work of highly skilled professionals. After accessing and cleaning your tooth’s canal and removing the pulp, we seal the structure with gutta-percha. Because this procedure permanently alters its outer layer, we complete your treatment by capping the tooth with a dental crown. 

Your Londonderry, NH Dentist Can Relieve Your Tooth Infection With Root Canal Therapy

When severe decay or physical trauma exposes your tooth’s pulp, you may require a restorative treatment beyond a simple filling or dental crown. By visiting our practice, we can examine your injury to determine if root canal therapy can help you save your tooth. To learn more information about our endodontic services, call our Londonderry, NH office today at 603-965-3407.