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My Dentist

My Dentist is your endodontics specialist in Londonderry, NH. We treat problems with your tooth’s structure to relieve your pain, and when possible, help you avoid extraction!

Root Canal Treatment

This therapy eliminates infection in your tooth’s pulp and provides a seal to prevent future bacterial contamination

Endodontic Retreatment

We can reaccess teeth that fail to respond to initial endodontic treatment and identify tissues that require additional removal

Endodontic Surgery

We specialize in procedures to save your tooth when a root canal is not successful

Traumatic Dental Injuries

Emergency care for sudden dental injuries. If you have a cracked or injured tooth, seek our treatment right away!

Dental Implants

Our dental implants provide long-term stability for restoring lost teeth and completing your smile

Dental Technology

Modern dental technology helps us diagnose problems with your tooth’s structure and plan and perform your treatment.

We Provide Quality Endodontic Care

We understand how uncomfortable a tooth infection can be. That’s why our root canal and retreatment services use advanced techniques to maintain your natural teeth so you can enjoy optimal oral health again! With attention to compassion and a focus on excellence, we offer comprehensive restorative dentistry to the community of Londonderry, NH.

What Our Patients Are Saying

How My Dentist Relieves Your Tooth Pain

Each team member of My Dentist looks forward to providing smile support to the residents of Londonderry and neighboring communities. Dr. Wei and Dr. Mehdi offer several specialty dental services, including endodontic treatments, that other providers may refer outside of their own practice. From exams and cleanings to more sophisticated procedures, we prioritize your comfort at every visit.