Renew Your Smile After A Broken Tooth

renew your smile londonderry nh
renew your smile londonderry nh

Your smile depends on the strength of your enamel. While this is the hardest material in your body, it can still become damaged due to physical injury or decay, and at this point, you become at risk of developing an infection within your tooth. If you have recently cracked or broken one of your existing teeth, it is time to talk to a dentist about your next steps to renew your smile.

With our team of endodontic experts in Londonderry, NH, you have an opportunity to reclaim your dentistry after experiencing a broken tooth. Our office is here to help you save your tooth, and sometimes, that takes a root canal treatment procedure. This method removes the infected material within your tooth, sealing the connections shut to prevent reinfection. After your problem pulp has been removed, you can be free of that nagging toothache. To cap things off, a beautiful new dental crown can restore your chewing surface, giving you a sturdy restoration!

Without Strong Enamel, Infection Can Set In

Your natural enamel plays a significant role in your oral health, giving you strong teeth that have the power to chew the foods that you enjoy on a daily basis. Even beyond that important job, enamel also serves as a barrier between your mouth and the more vulnerable soft tissue inside your tooth. You need strong and healthy teeth in order to keep your smile safe.

When you crack or break a tooth, you lose this protection, and bacteria can start to take hold within your pulp. At this point, you are at risk of a serious toothache, and infection puts your tooth at risk of needing an endodontic procedure. This field refers to treatment within the tooth, and it can be helpful in avoiding an extraction.

A Root Canal Can Help You To Renew Your Smile

If you have started to experience pain or discomfort in your smile, it is time to talk to your dentist about the situation. An infected tooth requires a root canal treatment in order to save it from extraction, and taking care of this quickly can help you to stop bacterial growth before it can do any more damage.

Root canal treatment includes the removal of your infected pulp, which helps to halt the bacteria and stop your toothache. After this part of your procedure, your endodontist will seal the connections between the tooth and your jaw shut in order to prevent reinfection. Since this process requires extensive drilling, you will need a dental crown to restabilize the location. We have dental crowns that can match your natural enamel, so ask about your options.

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