Does Your Tooth Need Retreatment?

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When a tooth that has been previously traded with a root canal is injured, or if a complication arises with the previous treatment, then you may need further endodontic care. Otherwise, you could develop infection again and risk losing the tooth! In today’s blog, your Londonderry, NH, dentist talks about how we help smiles with root canal retreatment.

The Signs You Need Retreatment

How do you know if you need retreatment? Well, if an injury cracks or chips a tooth, or even if you sustain an injury and no visible damage is there, please see us right away to ensure your tooth has not been compromised. Likewise, if you begin to experience pain in the tooth, discomfort then eating, and swelling, this means new decay or infection has formed in the treated tooth. Do not ignore the issue, as you risk a serious indecision that could cause the tooth to be lost completely. Let’s work together to preserve your tooth and keep your smile healthy!

Preparing Your Smile

To get started, our team will take a close look at your smile with advanced imaging technology, such as digital x-rays, so we can see the infection and gauge the severity. From there, we can plan treatment to bring relief and preserve the tooth, keeping your smile whole. Our team also wants the procedure to be a comfortable one, so we can discuss administering a local anesthetic or possibly even sedation, so you enter a calm state even if you have dental anxiety or special needs.

The Retreatment Process

Once you are comfortable and ready for the procedure, we will start your treatment visit by opening the tooth to remove the filling material and then insert a calcium hydroxide antibiotic to the interior of the tooth. We then seal the tooth, so the medication has time to destroy the bacterial infection and increase your chances for healing. During the second visit, we will remove the antibiotic material, clean the interior of the tooth, and add gutta percha. Finally, we will cap the tooth with a lifelike crown! If necessary, we may need to conduct root canal surgery if the infection has reached the tips of the roots.

If you have any questions about how we conduct a retreatment for a failed root canal, or if you have a tooth in pain that needs attention, then contact our team today to learn more. We want to help you smile with confidence again, and enjoy your best oral health!

Schedule A Visit With Dr. Karimipour for Treatment

A smile that is strong, healthy, and comfortable is possible, so reach out today! With our endodontic treatment options, we can address infection and severe decay to bring relief and ensure a lifelike appearance too. Talk to our team about our approach to endodontic treatment by calling My Dentist in Londonderry, NH at (603)965-3407!